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Nhà xuất bản: EA SPORTS Thể loại:Sports Ngày phát hành: 28/09/2018 Number of Players: 1-4 FIFA 19 Standard Edition FIFA 19 Champions Edition FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition Special Edition FUT Kits ✓ ✓ ✓ 5 Jumb...
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  • Nhà xuất bản: EA SPORTS
  • Thể loại:Sports
  • Ngày phát hành:  28/09/2018
  • Number of Players: 1-4


  FIFA 19 Standard Edition FIFA 19 Champions Edition FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition
Special Edition FUT Kits
5 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs
Cristiano Ronaldo Loan Item
3 Days Early Access  
20 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs  
UEFA Champions League Gold Player Pick  
Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr Loan Items  
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Active Touch

Dynamic Tactics

Timed Finishing

UEFA Elements

Active Touch Headline

The new Active Touch System fundamentally changes the way you receive and strike the ball, providing closer control, improved fluidity, creativity and increased player personality. Utilize a suite of new first touch tools, like the disguised touch, flick-up volleys, or even skill specific animations, like the Neymar Trap, to beat your opponent and create scoring opportunities.

Dynamic Tactics

A re-imagined system gives players the tools to set multiple tactical approaches, offering in-depth customisation pre-match, as well as more options for dynamic in-match adjustments from the D-Pad. Each tactical approach combines formations, mentalities, and attacking and defensive play styles, enabling you to easily customize your play in any situation.

Timed Finishing

Double tapping shoot on any strike attempt triggers a timed finish, putting users in control of how accurately they connect with the ball. The precision of the second button tap determines the result of the contact, with perfectly timed balls increasing in accuracy and power, and poorly timed contacts more likely to miss the mark. Whether it's a hit from outside the box, a precision header, or a deft touch, timed finishing adds a new layer of control to chances in-front of goal.

Official UEFA Elements

Experience the drama of the official UEFA Champions League tournament from the group stage through to the illustrious final match. Or play a custom version of the tournament with any European club of your choice. Immerse yourself in Europe's most prestigious club competitions with official broadcast elements, kit badges, match balls, and the iconic trophies for the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and Super Cup. The brand-new commentary pair of Derek Rae and Lee Dixon bring their signature broadcast style to the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Super Cup tournaments within the game.

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